Banking Supervision Highlights

Posted February 24, 2015

The 4Q14 issue shows that bank earnings improved incrementally, but mainly because stronger credit quality fueled lower overhead and provision expense burdens; low interest rates continued to pressure margins.

Posted December 31, 2014

The Q3/Q4 2014 issue of Community Banking Connections discusses lessons learned from the bank failure epidemic in the Atlanta Fed’s District, provides views on recruiting and retaining community bank directors, assesses the role of minority depository institutions in the U.S., and reviews effective practices for loan policies, outsourcing, and cybersecurity.

Posted December 29, 2014

Community banks in the 12th Federal Reserve District continue to see loan growth, and asset quality measures are now approaching pre-crisis levels. This Supervisory Spotlight highlights bank management and regulatory focus on operational risks—such as third-party vendor management and cybersecurity—as the economy and banking conditions improve, without forgetting lessons from the financial crisis.

Posted December 9, 2014

The 3Q14 “Banks at a Glance” reports are now available, highlighting key indicators of banking conditions within each of the nine states comprising the 12th Federal Reserve District.