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Call the Fed

Call the Fed

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Division of Banking Supervision & Regulation (BS&R) invites banking industry directors, officers, staff, consultants, regulators, and other interested parties to join us for a series of audio conferences. These events, which are held two to four times annually, cover topics of current interest to the financial services industry and its supervisors. As of mid-2009, consumer compliance topics are discussed through Outlook Live, the Federal Reserve System’s audio conference series on consumer compliance issues.

If you have questions concerning this program, contact Chris Sigur at 415-974-2895.

To participate in an upcoming Call the Fed webinar, click on the URL in the announcement and follow the registration instructions carefully. There is no charge to participate.


BSA/AML Risk in the 12th Federal Reserve District

December 15, 2014

This presentation will identify emerging BSA/AML risks, discuss common deficiencies examiners identify, and review some characteristics of effective programs.


Managing Interest Rate Risk in a Rising Rate Environment

December 5, 2013

Will bankers be prepared when interest rates rise from their current low levels? This Call the Fed webcast will discuss what bank management should be doing to ensure that interest rate risk is appropriately managed and controlled.

The U.S. Economy and 12th District Banking: Conditions and Outlook

September 24, 2013

At the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Call the Fed webcast on September 24, 2013, two of the Bank’s experts on the economy and banking provided an update on the conditions and outlook for the U.S. economy and for banks in the 12th District.

Organized Cyber Crime and Bank Account Takeovers

March 14, 2013

Account takeover fraud remains a tough challenge for financial institutions. Armed with new tools and techniques, cyber-criminals continue to evolve their attacks against financial institutions’ customers and employees.


The U.S. Economy and 12th District Banking: Conditions and Outlook

November 20, 2012

Gary Zimmerman, Senior Economist, and Gary Palmer, Senior Manager of Risk Analytics, examine recent trends and the continued headwinds in the U.S. economy, the job and housing markets, stock market performance and other indicators of financial conditions.

Commercial and Industrial Lending: Pitfalls and Risk Mitigants

September 13, 2012

As the economy continues its modest recovery, some community bankers are looking to expand their commercial and industrial, or C&I, lending as a potential source of growth. We have seen C&I lending grow significantly over the last 5 years.


Responding to the Cyber Threat: Interagency Supplement to Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment

November 17, 2011

Since 2005, there have been significant changes in the threat landscape facing online banking services.  Cybercriminals continue to develop and deploy more sophisticated and malicious methods to compromise authentication mechanisms (including more robust authentication techniques) and to gain unauthorized access to customers’ online accounts. 

CRE: Income Property Loan Conditions and Stress Testing Expectations

October 27, 2011

This presentation discusses conditions and outlook with respect to bank income property lending (focusing primarily on banks within the 12th Federal Reserve District) as well as regulatory expectations and issues that should be considered as bank managers build or enhance their CRE stress testing processes.

Banking and the Economy: The 12th District Perspective

September 6, 2011

This webinar provided an opportunity to examine current banking and economic conditions nationally as well as within the 12th Federal Reserve District with two of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s top economic and bank analysts.

Overview of Payment System Risk Policy Revisions

January 27, 2011

In December, 2008, the Federal Reserve Board adopted significant revisions to part II of the Payment System Risk policy that address the risks that payment and settlement activity present to the financial system and the Federal Reserve Banks.


Private Equity Investments – What You Need to Know

June 9, 2010

As anyone following the banking industry knows, there has been a recent uptick in interest in investing in banks by private equity funds and institutional investors. A number of deals have gone through that have strengthened banks and, in some cases, have been instrumental in averting bank failures.


Remote Deposit Capture

February 27, 2008

What does remote deposit capture (RDC) have in common with the telegraph, telephone, fax machine, e-mail, and text messaging? They were all new or modified forms of delivery systems. Each one improved on the timeliness, flexibility, and capacity of transferring information.