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Banking and the Economy: The 12th District Perspective

September 6, 2011

This webinar provided an opportunity to examine current banking and economic conditions nationally as well as within the 12th Federal Reserve District with two of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s top economic and bank analysts. Our speakers—Gary Zimmerman, Senior Economist, and Gary Palmer, Senior Manager of Risk Analytics both at the San Francisco Fed— looked at recent trends and the potential headwinds in the US economy, how the job market has been affected by the economy’s performance, the continued challenges faced by the housing market, stock market performance and other indicators of financial conditions. They also discussed recent and ongoing Federal Reserve policy decisions such as the effects of Large Scale Asset Purchases (LSAP) and the Fed’s most recent decision to maintain an exceptionally low Federal Funds rate until mid-2013 and what it means for economic growth and near-term inflation. Finally, we assessed bank performance and condition in the 12th District, based on second quarter 2011 financials and the latest supervisory information.

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