Gary Zimmerman

Senior Economist

Outreach & Regional Analysis

Economic outreach, U.S. and 12th District economies, Banking

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Gary Zimmerman

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High-Technology Slowdown Hits the San Francisco Region
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q2 1999

Several of the Region’s Metropolitan Areas May Be Vulnerable to Overbuilding as a Result of Rapid Commercial Real Estate Development
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q1 1999, 25-33

Consumer Credit Portfolios Face Challenges
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q4 1998 | With Phillips-Olsen and Simpson

Region’s Economic and Banking Conditions
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q4 1998 | With Phillips-Olsen and Simpson

Signs of a Pause in the Prolonged Residential Housing Boom Raise Concerns about Banks’ Exposure to Construction Lending
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q3 1998, 20-23

Strong Economic Growth Is Expected to Continue in the San Francisco Region despite Potential Fallout from the Asian Crisis
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q2 1998, 16-21

The San Francisco Region’s Larger and More Diverse State Economies Tend to Closely Follow the National Economy
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q1 1998, 16-20

San Francisco Region’s Large Metropolitan Areas Experience a Wide Range of Conditions and Risks
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q4 1997, 16-20

Strong Growth in Services, Aerospace, and High-Tech Boosts the San Francisco Region’s Performance
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q3 1997, 10-13

San Francisco Region: Following Separate Paths
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q2 1997, 11-14

San Francisco Region Continues to Record Rapid Growth
FDIC Regional Outlook, Q1 1997, 12-16

The Competitive Impact of Foreign Commercial Banks in the United States: Commentary
In The Changing Market in Financial Services, 15th Annual Economic Policy Conference Proceedings, ed. by Gilbert | St. Louis: FRB St. Louis, 1992

The Long-Awaited Comeback of Western Independent Banks
In WIB Community Banker, 50th Anniversary Edition | Oakland: Western Independent Bankers, 1987

Recent Developments in Western Banking
Nevada Review of Business & Economics, University of Nevada-Reno, Fall 1986 | With Bennett

Competition for MMDAs
In Bank Structure and Competition Conference Proceedings | Chicago: FRB Chicago, 1985 | With Keeley