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Youth Financial Education Day
Young Entrepreneur Panel Videos

October 23, 2013

On October 23, 2013 a panel of four college-age entrepreneurs were featured in a live panel discussion and Q&A session on Livestream. The panelists discussed their paths to entrepreneurial success, and offered advice and recommendations to high school students about the importance of sound personal and professional finance. This broadcast originated from the San Francisco Fed’s Los Angeles Branch as part of the Federal Reserve System’s Financial Education Day.

Young Entrepreneur Panel Introductions

Jody Hoff, Senior Manager for Economic Education and Public Programs, introduces a panel of young entrepreneurs including Maddy Maxey, founder of Crated; Riley Ennis, CEO of Immudicon; Joel Bervell, founder of Hugs for Ghana; and Jack Kim, co-founder of Bene.

The ‘A-ha’ Moment!

The Young Entrepreneur panelists talk about the moment they each realized their vision could become a reality.

Tangible Steps toward Developing a Business Idea

The Young Entrepreneur panelists talk about how they arrived at actually owning and running their own businesses, and how they put their ideas into action.

Challenging Times — What Gets in the Way?

The Young Entrepreneur Panel participants talk about the biggest challenge they faced in bringing their idea into reality.

What Were You Like in High School?

Riley Ennis and Maddy Maxey discuss their high school experiences and what motivated them to achieve success.

How Do You Inspire Others to Consider Becoming an Entrepreneur?

Jack Kim, Joel Bervell, and Riley Ennis offer advice on using imagination and motivation to start a business.

Time Management Tips

Maddy Maxey talks about how she manages competing priorities and shares one of her time management techniques.

Goal Setting Tips and Tricks

Riley Ennis, Joel Bervell, and Jack Kim discuss how they set goals for themselves, and how they work to achieve their goals.

Q&A Session with In-Person and Online Audience

The Young Entrepreneur panelists answer questions from the in-person and online audiences.

Young Entrepreneur Panel Discussion – Full Video

Watch the full panel discussion and Q&A.