Economic Mobility in the United States

Mary C. Daly discusses the extent to which individuals and families in the U.S. achieve upward economic and social mobility, focusing on comparisons over time and to other countries. Mary also discusses the implications of mobility for overall inequality.

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Video Chapters

  1. Introduction & Talk Overview
    0:00 - 3:29
  2. Economic Mobility Primer
    3:30 - 7:34
  3. Do the Data Match Our Beliefs? Evidence of Absolute Mobility in the U.S.
    7:35 - 11:13
  4. Do the Data Match Our Beliefs? Evidence of Relative Mobility in the U.S.
    11:14 - 19:05
  5. Economic Mobility: The Role of College
    19:06 - 23:15
  6. Economic Mobility: The American Dream Revisited
    23:16 – 28:54

About the Speaker

Mary C. Daly is Senior Vice President and Associate Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Her areas of research span public finance, labor economics, and public policy. Mary has published widely on issues related to employment, wages, income inequality, and disability policy. In her role at the Bank, Mary supports the monetary policy function and serves as a system resource on issues related to employee retirement and health benefits. See her research page.

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