Cash Services: Business Continuity

In the event of a business disruption at the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Cash Services maintains comprehensive business continuity plans that will be activated in the event of a business disruption. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s business continuity plans are aligned with those of other Federal Reserve Districts to support continuity of service. Please visit our national Cash Services business continuity page for more information.

If the normal provision of cash services is impaired, the 12th District will notify its customers through its Customer Service Helpdesk. The Helpdesk will provide:

  • Information via the Customer Service Hotline at (888) 339-3506
  • Updates on FedLine for the Web providing the status of the Federal Reserve office you work with
  • Contact to 12th District customers through direct communication

Accessing Federal Reserve Cash Services

If your normal currency and coin ordering channels are unavailable, you can place orders by contacting the 12th District’s Customer Service Hotline. This number serves as your point of contact for all 12th District offices (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Seattle):

  • Customer service 24 hour hotline for currency and coin orders: 1-888-339-3506

If your local Federal Reserve office is unable to provide normal service, your request may be sent to the designated support site for that Federal Reserve office and you will be notified accordingly. Depending on the business relationship you have with the 12th District, (e.g., financial institution, armored carrier, etc.) our hotline will provide you with instructions as appropriate for continuing to do business with all 12th District Federal Reserve offices.

Cash Services contact telephone numbers

Office Contact #

Primary Contact


Primary #

After Hours #

San Francisco

Jacqueline Laster


(415) 974-2092

(415) 974-2222

Los Angeles

Veenu Sawhney-Shori


(213) 683-2660

(213) 683-2911

Seattle / Portland

Trent Bryan


(425) 203-0838

(425) 203-0773

Salt Lake City

Steve Allred


(801) 322-7863

(801) 322-7824


Dave Elvidge


(602) 477-7828

(602) 477-7720

Download PDF version of Business Continuity information (includes information for Cash Services) (pdf, 264 kb)