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The Fed Gallery: Your Central Bank in Focus is a permanent installation at our Los Angeles Branch that uses internactive technology and vivid graphics to highlight the Federal Reserve’s role in the United States economy. Various displays focus on cash and check operations, bank supervision, and monetary policy. The gallery includes a pachinko-style game in which the participant rates the safety and soundness of a particular financial institution, a money wheel that asks visitors to identify counterfeit notes, and a currency display featuring historic and rare notes.

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What you should know about the tour:

  1. Tours and personal finance training are FREE of charge.
  2. Priority is given to high school and college economics classes.
  3. Tours are available to groups with a minimum of 15 persons and a maximum of 30.
  4. Group tours are available by appointment, Monday through Thursday, at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.
  5. Tours last approximately 90 minutes and the personal finance training lasts approximately 45 minutes.
  6. A list of tour participants must be submitted two weeks prior to your visit.
  7. No walk-ins or add-ons will be accommodated.
  8. Exhibit content is targeted at high school audiences and above.
  9. Due to heightened security requirements, we may close to the public at any time. No cameras or cell phones are allowed on any tours; photo identification is required. We have security checks similar to those at airports.
  10. Groups requesting more than two tour reservations per year must obtain prior approval from the tour coordinator.