Work for Us: Career FAQ

What job fairs can I attend to meet with representative from your company?

See the complete list of job fairs we are currently registered to attend.

How can I apply to positions at the Bank?

The application process is simple:

  1. Under Job Search, specify your job search criteria, then click “Search for Jobs”.
  2. From the list of available jobs, select your position of choice and click “Apply”.
  3. Should you not have a user profile, please take a second to create one here. It should take about 10 minutes.
  4. Once you’re done you’ll get a receipt acknowledging your application.

Will a recruiter contact me once I have submitted my application?

We get a lot of applications so our recruitment team won’t be able to personally contact every applicant. We screen applications against the minimum qualifications needed, and the most relevant matches may be contacted by phone. In most cases, we will do our very best to update the status of your application either via email or your online profile. Please note, that the application and interview processes can take 90 days or more, so be sure to check your profile regularly for updates.

How are interviews structured at the Bank?

We believe that past performance is a strong indicator of future success. If you advance past the phone interview, you will be invited to the Bank. We conduct team interviews as a panel, asking a series of behavioral interview questions. Be prepared to provide detailed, quantifiable examples of your past achievements and to articulate why you want to work at the Federal Reserve.

How are candidates selected for offer?

After the interview, the team will discuss your job-related skills and past successes to determine if you would be a strong addition. Please be patient with your recruiter as the hiring process can take several weeks. The Recruitment team will deliver status updates as feedback has been received and decisions are made. Once a job offer is made, the candidate typically will have 48 hours to make a decision. Job offers are contingent upon a background check, the clearance of your I-9 paperwork and verification of your Social Security number.