Governance Documents

Bank Bylaws (pdf, 20 kb)

Committee Charters and Assignments

Executive Committee Charter (pdf, 16 kb)
Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter (pdf, 17 kb)
Budget, Compensation, and Bank Performance Committee Charter (pdf, 12 kb)
Community and Public Affairs Committee Charter (pdf, 16 kb)
Committee Assignments (pdf, 56 kb)
Federal Reserve Act – Section 4
Board of Governors’ Policies Governing Directors
Roles and Responsibilities of Reserve Bank Directors

Ethics and Conduct

Directors’ Guide to Conduct (pdf, 61 kb)
Directors’ Eligibility, Qualification and Rotation (pdf, 919 kb)
Code of Conduct (pdf, 1.9 mb)
Voluntary Guide to Conduct for Senior Officials (pdf, 76 kb)