Gopa Kumar

Gopa Kumar is chief information officer and senior vice president over Information and Technology, which delivers innovative, high quality, and cost effective solutions and services to a broad base of District, System, and U.S. Treasury customers.

Gopa Kumar

Gopa Kumar, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Information and Technology Services

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Mr. Kumar is a member of the Bank’s Executive Committee and serves in leadership roles on several key Federal Reserve System workgroups, including Technology Service Council, Application Development Leadership Team, and Information Security Council.

Mr. Kumar began his career with the Bank in 1994 as an applications manager, and held various positions of increasing responsibility and was promoted to senior vice president in 2010. Prior to joining the Bank, he was the system manager and chief architect at Providian Financial. He holds a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from National Institute of Technology, India.

Mr. Kumar is a governing body member of the San Francisco CIO Executive Summit, and is the co-chair of the San Francisco CIO Mid-Market Executive Summit.