The Federal Reserve views the high rate of mortgage foreclosures as an urgent problem. Using the System’s expertise and extensive network of national and regional relationships, the Fed is collaborating with other regulators, community groups, policy organizations, financial institutions and public officials to identify solutions to prevent unnecessary foreclosures and their negative effects.

The goal of this toolkit is to provide resources to assist communities in addressing the current turmoil in the housing market and minimize the impact of foreclosures on neighborhoods. Web links and local resources are included.

The resources in this toolkit are presented as a four-step process:

  1. Step One: Assess the Foreclosure Situation
  2. Step Two: Reach Troubled Homeowners
  3. Step Three: Establish Post-foreclosure Support Systems
  4. Step Four: Stabilize Neighborhoods

For more information, contact the community development regional manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco who oversees your area:

Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
Craig Nolte (206) 396-2192

Arizona, Utah, Nevada
John Moon (415) 977-3502

Northern California
Lena Robinson (415) 974-2717

Southern California
Melody Winter Head (213) 725-3726

Central California
Leilani Barnett (415) 977-3858