Country Analysis Unit Staff

Our Supervision + Credit (S+C) Country Analysis Unit (CAU) manages the Asia Program, which focuses on issues important to banking in Asia and the Pacific Rim. The CAU team organizes conferences, symposia, and forums to address current events that may impact banking and regulatory policies. The Unit also publishes the Asia Focus, a periodical discussing a diverse range of topics pertaining to the Asian financial sector, and Pacific Exchange, a blog providing timely analysis of important banking and financial developments in the Asia Pacific. Annually, CAU prepares a summary of Asia Program activities and events (pdf, 225 kb) conducted throughout the year.

Walter Yao
Director, Country Analysis

Sean Creehan
Analyst – Northeast Asia, South Asia

Cindy Li
Manager, Country Analysis Unit
Analyst – Greater China, ASEAN

Paul Tierno
Analyst – South Korea, ASEAN

Linda True
Analyst – ASEAN
Asia Program Coordinator

Alexandra Altman


Annual Asia Program Summary (pdf, 225 kb)

Asia Focus

Asia Program Events

Pacific Exchange Blog