Regulatory Reporting and Reserves

The following information is provided to assist financial institutions in the preparation of financial and regulatory reports, as well as the management of reserve requirements. This information supports the Federal Reserve in carrying out its responsibilities for the conduct of monetary policy and the supervision and regulation of the banking industry. Additional information on Director Training Resources and Regulation, Policies, and Guidance is available elsewhere on this website.

Financial and Regulatory Reporting

Training Resources

Find a variety of training resources to help provide better quality financial and regulatory reports. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco also offers training for 12th District institutions; please contact us to discuss your training needs.

Reserves Resources

  • Reserves Central
    Reserves Central allows financial institutions to review reserve balance requirements, drill down into comprehensive reserves data, and find comprehensive information on term deposits and excess balance accounts.
  • Interest Rates on Required Reserve Balances and Excess Balances
    Find information regarding the current interest rates paid on reserve balances held with the Federal Reserve and when those interest rates became effective.
  • Reserve Maintenance Manual
    The Reserve Maintenance Manual provides information regarding reserve calculations and account maintenance for depository institutions that file the weekly or quarterly FR 2900 Report.
  • Term Deposit Facility
    The Term Deposit Facility is a program through which the Federal Reserve Banks offer interest-bearing term deposits to eligible institutions to facilitate the conduct of monetary policy.
  • Reserves Contacts
    Are you a 12th District institution with questions regarding reserve requirement calculation or maintenance? Contact our staff for assistance.