David L. Kirp

Professor of Public Policy
University of California at Berkeley

David L. Kirp is a professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley, a former newspaper editor and policy consultant, as well as an academic. His interests range widely across policy and politics. In his fifteen books and scores of articles in both the popular press and scholarly journals he has tackled some of America’s biggest social problems. His involvement with government agencies and foundations, as well as his teaching and his community activism, address these issues at ground level. Between the 2008 election and the Inauguration, he served on President Obama’s Transition Team. His new book, Kids First: Five Big Ideas for Transforming the Lives of Children (Public Affairs 2011) examines promising policy innovations that span the first generation of children’s lives. Excerpts and opinion pieces have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The American Prospect and The Nation. He is a graduate of Amherst College and Harvard Law School. He currently serves as a member of the board of Experience Corps and Friends of the Children. At the Goldman School of Public Policy at Berkeley, he launched the New Community Fund in order to promote greater student diversity, and he has also underwritten a named scholarship.

As a Visiting Scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Kirp served as a speaker at a Community Development Policy Briefing on community development and education. He also presented his current research to Community Development staff and provided guidance and feedback on current department efforts.