Top 10 Things You Should Know about Place-Based Initiatives

By David J. Erickson

I recently joined Carol Naughton, President of Purpose Built Communities, on stage to discuss the latest thinking and research about how place-based initiatives can help achieve better outcomes. Here are the top 10 things you need to know:

  1. Your ZIP code is more important than genetic code for your health
  2. Your body is the sum record of your challenges and opportunities
  3. Opportunity is arrayed over space/neighborhoods
  4. We all win when we all win
  5. Five elements are essential to successful community-improving interventions
  6. Data is key part 1: It’s a dashboard to allow for better management of community interventions
  7. Data is key part 2: Better data helps us tell our story and monetize savings from ups interventions
  8. Plan for Success: Community improvements do not help everyone equally
  9. Community quarterbacks are social entrepreneurs

We left number one up to the audience to discuss, since discussion – and collaboration – is really the top thing you need to know. When more sectors share knowledge and work together to address place-based problems, our outcomes will carry greater impact.

Watch the full discussion on YouTube.