Vantage Point: Video Overview


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In the Community Development field, we love numbers and the insight they provide. But numbers only tell a part of the story.

Statistics may tell us how many people are out of work but they don’t tell us why. Maybe a large employer recently closed. Or available jobs are located too far away from neighborhoods. Maybe residents can’t access training to develop the skills local employers seek.

This context matters.

It’s the only way for us to get beyond the numbers and to truly understand the challenges communities face.

Combined with traditional data, this information helps to determine which resources and approaches are most useful in addressing community needs.

That’s why we need you.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Vantage Point survey is a unique opportunity for community stakeholders to share with us the story behind the numbers.

For communities that are often underrepresented in traditional data sources, in particular, this is a chance to get your voice heard.

Responses are anonymous and are being used to help inform community development efforts, including the Performance Context portion of CRA exams.

As a community stakeholder you provide invaluable information that helps us better understand what is happening on the ground in communities across the West, and where and in what ways investments can have the most impact.

Please take a moment to review the data profile for your county or city and respond to our brief survey.

It’s your story and we need to hear it.