Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bank of Guam Q&A (pdf, 193 kb)
Bureau of Statistics and Plans (pdf, 1.7 mb)
Community Planning & Development Programs (pdf, 2.1 mb)
Department of Land Management (pdf, 6 mb)
Energy Efficiency in Buildings (pdf, 2.6 mb)
Federal Resource Rental Housing Development (pdf, 106 kb)
Guam Economic Development Authority (pdf, 446 kb)
Guam Environmental Protection Agency (pdf, 3.7 mb)
Guam Residential Real Estate Market (pdf, 455 kb)
Home Ownership Counseling Realizing the Guamanian Dream (pdf, 3.6 mb)
Mortgage Credit Certificate Program (pdf, 455 kb)
Rural Housing Services (pdf, 684 mb)
U.S.Department of Housing and Urban Development (pdf, 1.3 mb)