Future of Economic Development and Revitalization Post Redevelopment

Thursday, September 6, 2012
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

The video clips available in the program are snapshots of the various perspectives about how the recent elimination of redevelopment in California might affect efforts to attract private capital and finance projects that in particular have benefited economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and where alternative financing solutions may be found.

As a local tool designed to respond to local needs, redevelopment was considered one of the most effective resources of local governments to address the conditions that inhibit private investment. Successful redevelopment projects played a catalytic role in the economic growth of local economies, the revitalization of blighted areas and the development of affordable housing. This meeting on redevelopment brought together the broad constellation of partners who were involved in redevelopment, particularly bankers, local government and community development organization representatives, with the goal of generating new partnerships and ideas that may result in investments for continued economic development and revitalization.


Lena Robinson, Regional Manager
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco