Meet the Money: The Roadmap to Financial Resources for Healthy Housing and Community Development in the Coachella Valley

Thursday, November 14, 2013
Indio, CA

The Meet the Money conference brought together affordable housing funders and investors with community-based practitioners for a day of learning and exchanging information on vital available lending and investment resources for housing development in the eastern Coachella Valley. The region is a major hub for agricultural production in Riverside County and California as a whole, representing $526 million in gross agricultural value. And it is a land of stark contrasts; lush golf courses, exclusive resorts, and celebrity sightings of renowned Western Coachella Valley communities such as Palm Springs are worlds apart from the unpaved streets, failing septic systems, and unauthorized waste dumps of the eastern side. For the first time, local, state, national and federal agencies and organizations joined forces to present programs in detail sufficient to provide developers, technical assistance workers and advocates with an understanding of how to access and utilize them.


Melody Winter Head, Regional Manager
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Los Angeles Branch
(213) 725-3726