April 1998

Community Investments - Volume 10, Issue 2

Articles on economic development for women, successful multi-bank CDCs, and the competitive advantage of America’s inner cities.

The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco or of the Federal Reserve System. Material herein may be reprinted or abstracted provided Community Investments is credited. Please provide our Community Development Department with a copy of any publication in which material is reprinted.

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The Case Against Economic Development for Women
Joline Godfrey
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Study Identifies Eight Core Characteristics of Successful Multi-Bank CDCs
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Recent Study Supports the Competitive Advantages of America’s Inner Cities
Cletis Shelby
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CRA Data Collection – Answers to Perplexing Questions
Carol A. Cordova
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Sovereign Lending: One Step Closer in the Northwest
Craig Nolte
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Table of Contents