January 1998

Community Investments - Volume 10, Issue 1

Articles on CRA in South Africa, individual development accounts, and small business and the disability community.

The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco or of the Federal Reserve System. Material herein may be reprinted or abstracted provided Community Investments is credited. Please provide our Community Development Department with a copy of any publication in which material is reprinted.

Table of Contents

Replicating CRA in South Africa
Dr. Etienne van Loggerenberg, with Shawn Elliott Marshall
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IDAs… What Are They?
Robert E. Friedman and Dorothy Broadman
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Emerging Entrepreneurs: Small Business and the Disability Community
Laurie Posner
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Community Development Credit Unions: Partners or Competitors?
Sarah Bennett
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Energy Efficiency Supports Affordable Home Ownership
Tom Hamilton
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Table of Contents