March 2002

A Guide to Community Development Investments - Volume 14, Issue 1

This special edition of Community Investments is designed to help financial institutions define Community Reinvestment Act qualified investments and understand related regulatory and technical issues.

The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco or of the Federal Reserve System. Material herein may be reprinted or abstracted provided Community Investments is credited. Please provide our Community Development Department with a copy of any publication in which material is reprinted.

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Table of Contents

Editor’s Notebook
Fred Mendez

Low Income Housing Tax Credits
Catherine H. Such

Community Development Real Estate Investment Trusts
Judd S. Levy

Equity Equivalent Investments
Beth Lipson

Small Business Investment Companies
Lawrence Mondschein

Community Development Municipal Bonds
Barbara Rose VanScoy

Mortgage Backed Securities and Collateralized Mortgage Obligations
Andrew Kelman

Community Development Venture Capital
Kerwin Tesdell

Regulatory Resource

Read the full issue (pdf, 1.88 mb)

Table of Contents