May 2006

Small Business Development - Volume 18, Issue 1

As we approach community development strategically, it’s important to remember the visible role small businesses play in transforming communities. This edition of Community Investments examines this role, looking at the challenges and benefits of financing small and micro businesses, especially in low- and moderate-income communities.

The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco or of the Federal Reserve System. Material herein may be reprinted or abstracted provided Community Investments is credited. Please provide our Community Development Department with a copy of any publication in which material is reprinted.

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Table of Contents

CI Notebook
Introduction by Jack Richards

Small Business Development: An Overview
Naomi Cytron

Microbusiness, Macro-impact: Capitalizing on Potential
Valerie Plummer

The Corner Store: Investing in a “Sense of Place”
Carolina Reid

Responding to Needs: Using CRA-Qualified Community Development Activities to Reach More Small Businesses
John Olson

Building Bridges in Low- and Moderate-Income Communities: Using Partnerships to Improve Access to Capital and Training
Stanley Tom

Pacific Community Ventures: Delivering Financial Return and Community Results
Beth Sirull and Todd Schafer

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Table of Contents