Fall 2013

Investing in Our Next Generation: A Native Hawaiian Model for Economic Self-Sufficiency


Though 203,000 acres of land in Hawaii were set aside by law for Native Hawaiians over eighty years ago, Native Hawaiians have had only limited success securing leases for homes on these Hawaiian Home Lands, due to a sharp increase in land and home prices, and issues with debt and credit among Native Hawaiians. The persistent difficulties Native Hawaiians have faced around homeownership readiness and financial stability called for action to address a lack of Native-informed financial education and homeownership counseling services. This article details a resulting organization, Hawaiian Community Assets (HCA), which serves as a housing counselor and lending institution and provides youth financial education for Native Hawaiians. HCA focuses on preserving and emphasizing Native Hawaiian traditions and cultural values in its approach to financial education, savings, and homeownership.

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