Margot Brandenburg

Margot Brandenberg

Margot Brandenburg is Associate Director at the Rockefeller Foundation, where she works on program initiatives that pertain broadly to economic development, including an initiative focused on the economic security of low-income U.S. workers and one on impact investing, in which her particular focus is on work related to social metrics and policy. Over the past year, she has led an exploratory initiative on green jobs, which focuses on models for using energy efficiency retrofits and other areas of the clean economy to create and sustain good jobs for low-income workers at scale. Prior to joining the Foundation, Ms. Brandenburg worked in the fields of microfinance and community development finance. She has held positions at Shorebank, the Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) and the African Development Bank, and has advised microfinance and community development institutions in the US and Africa. Brandenburg received her MPA from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton, and her BA in International Relations from Stanford University. She also chairs the Board of Brooklyn Cooperative Credit Union.