Dan Nissenbaum

Daniel Nissenbaum

Daniel Nissenbaum is the Chief Operating Officer of the Urban Investment Group. He joined Goldman Sachs in March of 2009. Mr. Nissenbaum has worked in the field of real estate and community development finance for 22 years, with positions at Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank CDC, JPMorgan CDC, Merrill Lynch CDC and HSBC Bank. In addition to leading transactional teams in those roles, Mr. Nissenbaum also crafted and directed CRA regulatory compliance, philanthropy and community outreach programs. Mr. Nissenbaum leads two national organizations as Board Chair, the National Housing Conference, a national advocacy and policy proponent for affordable housing, and the Low Income Investment Fund, one of the nation’s leading CDFI’s. In addition, he serves on the board of the Center for Housing Policy, and the Center for NYC Neighborhoods. Mr. Nissenbaum earned a Bachelor’s degree from Grinnell College, and an MBA from Columbia Business School. He and his wife Penelope have two daughters and live in New York City.