Sara Olsen

Where markets can see environmental and social impact and its causes, entrepreneurs have an incentive to compete to have the best impact. On this premise Sara Olsen started SVT Group in 2001 to work with leaders within and across industries to develop tools and methods that enable investors, businesses and nonprofits to measure, manage and communicate their impact as a strategic asset, and to promote the adoption of these approaches as a regular business practice. She coined the phrase “Impact Management” to describe this emerging discipline.

Ms. Olsen is a co-founder of the Global Social Venture Competition and a blogger She became committed to systemic solutions to poverty after living and working in the Mississippi Delta, where she awoke to the third world within the United States. A Dartmouth graduate who holds MBA and MASW degrees from UC Berkeley and the University of Chicago, Ms. Olsen considers her most valuable education to come from teaching public high school in Mississippi, helping start a social enterprise at Shorebank Corporation in inner-city Chicago, co-founding the GSVC, and her relationships with people.