System Climate Meeting

Tuesday, May 17 - Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Welcome and logistics
Fernanda Nechio, FRB San Francisco

Chair: Fernanda Nechio, FRB San Francisco
Growth at Risk from Climate Change
Mike Kiley, Federal Reserve Board
Discussant: Stephie Fried, FRB San Francisco

Climate Change and the Geography of U.S. Economic Activity
Daniel Wilson, FRB San Francisco
Sylvain Leduc, FRB San Francisco
Discussant: Toan Phan, FRB Richmond

Fast Session

Chair: Brigitte Roth Tran, FRB San Francisco
The Impact of Weather on Local Government Spending
Bo Zhao, FRB Boston

Who’s Holding the Bag? Unmasking Pricing of Flood Risk in Mortgage Securities Markets
Mallick Hossain, FRB Philadelphia
Jacob Dice, FRB Kansas City
David Rodziewicz, FRB Kansas City

Credit When You Need It
Benjamin Collier, Temple University
Daniel Hartley, FRB Chicago
Benjamin Keys, Wharton
Xian Ng, Wharton

Climate Change and Adaptation in Global Supply-Chain Networks
Nora Pankratz, Federal Reserve Board
Christoph Schiller, Arizona State University

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Chair: Martin Bodenstein, Federal Reserve Board
Pricing of Climate Risk Insurance: Regulatory Frictions and Cross-Subsidies
Sangmin Oh, Chicago Booth
Ishita Sen, Harvard Business School
Ana-Maria Tenekedjieva, Federal Reserve Board
Discussant: Adele Morris, Federal Reserve Board

Hedging Climate Change Risks with Sustainable Investment Strategies:
Should Investors Look Beyond ESG Ratings

Marcelo Ochoa, Federal Reserve Board
Matthias Paustian, Federal Reserve Board
Laura Wilcox, Federal Reserve Board
Discussant: Nora Pankratz, Federal Reserve Board

Fast Session

Chair: Toan Phan, FRB Richmond
Climate Stress Testing
Hyeyoon Jung, FRB New York
Robert Engle, NYU Stern
Richard Berner, NYU Stern

Climate Change and Double Materiality in a Micro- and Macroprudential Context
Kevin Stiroh, Federal Reserve Board

What are G-SIBs Doing About Climate Change?
Amy Kvien, Federal Reserve Board
Daniel Beltran, Federal Reserve Board
Hannah Bensen, Federal Reserve Board
Erin McDevitt, Federal Reserve Board
Monica Sanz, Federal Reserve Board

The Effect of Corporate Green Bonds on the Issuer’s Cost of Capital
John Duca, FRB Dallas
Wenling Li, Oberlin College

Conference Organizers:
Martin Bodenstein, Federal Reserve Board
Fernanda Nechio, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Toan Phan, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Brigitte Roth Tran, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Scheduled session speakers in bold.