Jody Hoff

Director, Economic Education

Jody Hoff is the Director of the Economic Education department at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. In this role, Jody has responsibility for developing and executing educational strategies and programs for the nine states within the 12th District, the Bank’s Fed Ambassador program for employees, and economic outreach activities for the general public.

Jody and her team focus on web-based and mobile content for the classroom, including the Chair the Fed monetary policy game, Invest in What’s Next online personal finance course, and What is the Fed?, a plain English explanation of the Federal Reserve. Jody has also led development of two popular Bank podcasts, Does College Matter? and Twice Around. In addition, Jody is involved in several education research projects examining the effectiveness of instructional strategies and tools.

Prior to her work at the San Francisco Fed, Jody served as the President for the Idaho Council on Economic Education and held secondary teaching certificates in economics, mathematics, and social studies. She has published classroom materials for EconEd Link, the National Council on Economic Education, the Public Broadcasting Service, and has earned teaching honors from the National Teacher Training Institute and the National Association of Economic Educators. Jody has presented programs and trained teachers throughout the U.S. and in China, Greece, Latvia, Russia, and South Korea.

Jody has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Idaho and a Master’s in Business Administration from Boise State University. She is also working on her dissertation in Research Psychology at Walden University.

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