10 Questions Reveal Consumers’ Payment Preferences

September 21, 2015

Payment diary game imagery

Cash, debit, credit, check, or electronic payment: Which would you use to pay for a $1.50 cup of coffee? A $350 plane ticket? A $72 utility bill? In ten questions, find out if your payment preferences reflect national consumer trends with the Payment Diary Game.

Developed by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Payment Diary Game asks players to answer ten questions about how they prefer to pay for everyday purchases. The game’s questions, price points, and payment options are based on the Diary of Consumer Payment Choice, a survey that American consumers across the country participate in every few years.

“The Diary of Consumer Payment Choice is very important to the Fed. It helps us understand how and why people use cash,” comments Doug Conover of the Federal Reserve’s National Cash Product Office. “A new Diary survey will be underway soon, with consumers across the nation tracking details about their everyday purchases, how they paid for those items, and why they made those choices.”

Conover assures players that the Payment Diary Game is far less detailed. “It gives everyone a fun and much shorter way to see what the Diary survey is all about. Hopefully players learn a few things about national payment trends, too.”

So what does your payment diary reveal? Play the game to find out.

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