Working for the SF Fed

Our work is in the pockets of each American. It fuels innovation and jump-starts dreams. We are the defenders of dollars—working hard to ensure the economic and financial stability of our country and our region.

We like to say we work for the Fed, not at the Fed. That’s because the SF Fed is not just another employer or government agency. Here, you have the opportunity to become part of an important public service institution whose work touches lives across the globe. The thought of economic and monetary policies may lead you to think of the Federal Reserve as solely a banking organization. Quite the contrary, as you can see, our work includes a broad range of disciplines.

From Omaha to Oakland, Portland, OR to Portland, ME, New York to New Mexico – the work we do for the SF Fed impacts not only our district but people across the county too. In the time YOU ARE HERE, you’ll do work that challenges you in an environment that supports your growth. (video, 1:56).

Beyond a fulfilling career, get benefits that put you and your family first.

Discover a career in a place that motivates you. Here are 10 reasons why we think you’ll love working for the SF Fed.

How did our colleagues get here? Read their stories—and the sometimes surprising twists in their career paths.

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Management and Executives

The SF Fed is an ideal place to develop one’s management and leadership skills. We’re always in search of people who can help shape and guide a public service institution.

Experienced Professionals

The SF Fed seeks to attract professionals looking to move forward to that next level, hoping to expand their current capabilities as well as acquire and develop new skills.

Career Starters

The SF Fed is a perfect place to launch your career. This is an employee-friendly institution where you can gain experience and begin building a network for the future.


Internship opportunities at the SF Fed give college students a chance to experience work life in a vibrant, dynamic and collaborative environment.