Key Executives

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is responsible for setting and accomplishing the Bank’s mission, strategy and goals. The President of the Bank chairs the ELT. The team is also comprised of the First Vice President (FVP) and other appointed officers. Members actively drive the Bank’s strategy, execute achievement of the Bank’s goals and advise the President in executing responsibilities.

Regional Executives

The Regional Executives are senior leaders in each of our district offices who are responsible for recruiting and managing the local Branch Board of Directors who represent the diversity of the community and business sectors in our district; engaging in community outreach to expand the transparency of the Federal Reserve System and to gather a more diverse picture of economic opportunity within our communities; and, developing active relationships with local business leaders to maintain the pulse of economic conditions at the grassroots level.

By doing so, the Regional Executives help ensure the local perspective is reflected in the monetary policy process.