Search Committee to Begin Screening Prospective Candidates

August 6, 2018

The Search Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is pleased to provide the following update related to the ongoing process of selecting and appointing a new president and chief executive officer for the Federal Reserve’s Twelfth District.

The search process has been underway for approximately 12 weeks. During this time, the Committee has worked diligently with Diversified Search, the largest female-owned and founded firm in the search industry, to develop and refine the president’s job description based on the critical responsibilities of the role and valuable first-hand feedback the Committee members received from multiple internal and external stakeholder groups during a series of recent outreach meetings. These stakeholder outreach meetings also yielded the names of several potential candidates which the Search Committee greatly appreciates.

Working closely with Diversified Search, the Committee will now shift its focus to screening candidates from the large diverse pool of talented individuals it has identified. The Committee’s goal is to parse the list down to the most qualified candidates based on the job description and the stakeholder feedback it has received, and then begin the interview process. The Committee will treat all qualified candidates equally with no preference given to any individual.