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Recycling shredded cash

Recycling Shredded Cash to Reduce the Fed’s Environmental Impact

In 2015, Reserve Bank Cash Services, across its 28 operations, recycled U.S. currency with the equivalent weight of nearly nine fully loaded 747 airplanes.

Economic Letter

Aggregation in Bank Stress Tests

Posted May 2, 2016

Banks can use loan data to precisely estimate individual default risk. However, scenarios used for stress tests—as well as the reports banks must provide—reflect a bank’s entire portfolio. So, is it better to aggregate data before or after applying a statistical model? Research suggests a middle-of-the-road approach that applies models to data aggregated at an intermediate level can produce accurate and stable results.

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From the 12th District

Willa Seldon Joins the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Economic Advisory Council

April 28, 2016

Willa Seldon, partner, the Bridgespan Group, was appointed a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Economic Advisory Council (EAC), effective May 1, 2016.

From the President

Fintech: The Power of the Possible and Potential Pitfalls

April 12, 2016

Presentation to the LendIt USA 2016 conference
San Francisco, California


Economic Outlook

April 18, 2016

Glenn Rudebusch, executive vice president and director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, stated his views on the current economy and the outlook as of April 14, 2016.

From the Board

Beige Book

March 2, 2016

Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District

Lena Robinson’s travels through Asia and Africa opened her eyes to the global roots of poverty. How she’s using those insights, and over a decade of experience working with SF Fed Community Development, to help improve conditions here at home.

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