The Economic Research Department conducts research on a wide range of topics in support of the Federal Reserve’s policy and public outreach functions.

Economists, analysts, and research associates contribute to studies in six broad sections: macroeconomic research, financial research, international research, microeconomic research, macro analysis and economic geography, and sustainable growth. The research output is widely disseminated, including in leading peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

To further its research mission, the department has an active visiting scholar program and collaborates with global research groups. The Department also hosts the Center for Pacific Basin Studies to promote cooperation among central banks in the Pacific Basin and to provide insight and analysis on economic policy issues affecting the region.

Our Research

Serving the public with innovative research and analysis

Brief summaries of SF Fed economic research, intended to explain in reader-friendly terms what our work means for the people we serve

Timely analysis on the current economy, economic developments, and the outlook

Academic research by SF Fed economists and affiliates intended for publication in scholarly journals

Regularly updated data sets related to specific research by SF Fed Economists

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