Emerging­­­­Tech Economic Research Network

EERN Co-head Huiyu Li introduces the EmergingTech Economic Research Network and shares its commitment to studying the impacts of emerging technologies.

Emerging technologies catalyze changes in our workplaces, homes, and communities – and as a result, in our economy. Today, a new wave of emerging technology, generative artificial intelligence, is already creating seismic shifts. To deliver on our public service mission, it is crucial that we explore these nascent technologies before they are fully matured so we can better understand their potential impacts on financial institutions, payment systems, and monetary policy. 

Through the EmergingTech Economic Research Network (EERN), we will develop deeper insights into the economy of the future. The EERN will funnel, amplify, and serve as an open-source economic research repository for academics, researchers, and technologists at the nexus of emerging technologies and the economy. At its core, EERN is a place for people to exchange ideas and learn about other research and insights across the Federal Reserve System, in academia, and in the private sector. 

On this page, you can find economic research and insights on the impacts of emerging technologies as well as economic research conducted using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Simon Johnson | Technology and Inequality in the Age of AI

Thursday, July 11, 2024

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Interested in learning more about EERN? Contact Huiyu Li or Kevin Ortiz, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Heads of EmergingTech Economic Research

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Launching EERN: Studying the Nexus of Emerging Technologies and the Economy

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