Local Check Services: Business Continuity

In the event of a business disruption at the Federal Reserve

During a business disruption, Federal Reserve staff will work to ensure the highest possible level of service for our customers. Successful operations will require preparation, coordination and cooperation between your institution and Federal Reserve staff. Answers to your critical questions about local Federal Reserve Check Services continuity procedures are provided below. National check continuity information is available through the national website. In combination, this information should be used for your institution’s business continuity planning.

How will the Federal Reserve contact us during a business disruption?

In the event that it becomes necessary for a local Federal Reserve Office to invoke their continuity plans, customers will be notified in one or more of the following manners:

  • Fedline Broadcast Message
    Broadcast messages are one of the primary notification tools for issues that affect a large number of customers. The messages will typically contain an outline of the issue, expected time of correction, and contact points. In a prolonged outage multiple updates may be sent.
  • Customer Support Toll-Free Phone Number (888) 339-3506
    As warranted, the Twelfth District Customer Support Line message will be updated with a status. Additionally, customers will have the option to speak with a service representative to obtain information during regular business hours. Hours of operation may be expanded if necessary.
  • Web Page
    The Twelfth District Web page will be updated with additional information as appropriate. Should the need arise to update the Web Page, a Fedline Broadcast and/or updated Customer Support Line message would be created to direct customers to the web page.
  • Outbound Customer Calls
    For issues affecting only a small number of customers, typically less than 25, the local Federal Reserve Office may initiate an outbound calling program to notify customers and work out alternative arrangements.

How can we obtain information on shipping/drop points for deposits during a business interruption?

Should the need arise for an Office in the Twelfth District to relocate our shipping and or drop point for check work, one or more of the communication tools listed above will be used to notify customers of the change.

Whom should we contact with questions about check processing continuity?

Howard Ng Andres Curtolo Juli Anderson
Director Manager Manager
Check Operations Check Operations District Customer Support
(213) 683-2583 (213) 683-2987 (503) 221-6032

Download PDF version of Business Continuity information (includes information for both Cash and Check Services) (pdf, 264 kb)