12th District County Profiles

The 12th District County Profiles provide valuable information on the various labor-market, housing, and economic development issues impacting communities throughout the nine western states.

Updated August 12, 2014

12th District: Housing and Labor Market Trends

Since the beginning of the foreclosure crisis, the Community Development Department has compiled data on state and metropolitan level housing market conditions as part of our effort to support the work of local and regional community partners.  As the challenges related to economic recovery have evolved, so too have the data sets that are included in these presentations, which now include information on vital social and economic indicators. 

Updated February 18, 2014

Financial and Operational Ratios and Trends of Community Health Centers

This report provides an operational and financial overview of the community health center industry for the years 2008 – 2011. Prepared with the goal of increasing the information available to lenders and investors on community health centers nationwide, this document is the second of a series of studies supported by Citi Foundation, which will further illuminate the financial and operational trends of this group of organizations. The term “community health center” is defined and discussed in detail in the Introduction.

Updated March 25, 2014