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If You Build It, They Will Lend: Why Japan May Fund More Infrastructure than China

Posted October 12, 2017

Demand for infrastructure is growing as developed countries replace deteriorating infrastructure and emerging economies invest in new projects. China has attracted significant attention through its One Belt, One Road initiative and the founding of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, but Japan has recently dominated global project finance. With low borrowing costs and limited domestic credit demand, Japanese banks may be best positioned to lead the financing of a global infrastructure push.

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Barry Eichengreen on the East-West Debate over the Asian Financial Crisis

Posted October 18, 2017

In the seventh episode of our series on the Asian financial crisis, we spoke with Barry Eichengreen, a professor of economics and political science at UC Berkeley. He’s written extensively about the sequencing of financial opening in Asia and the challenges associated with cross-border capital flows. He’s also authored numerous articles looking back on the lessons from the Asian financial crisis.

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Asia’s Fintech Revolution

This Asia Focus examines the impact of fintech on payments and lending in Asia, focusing on the new technologies entering the market, the level of disruption faced by banks, and the regulatory response to these new developments.

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