The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's Division of Financial Institution Supervision and Credit (FISC) prepares periodic reports on banking trends and risks. While produced primarily for financial institutions and internal audiences, many of these reports also are made available to the public so others may gain some insight into issues and concerns of bank supervisors.

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Supervisory Spotlight

This publication offers observations by the Division Director of Financial Institution Supervision and Credit (FISC) on current banking and regulatory issues facing 12th District institutions.

July 2015: Change Surrounds Us

This issue of Supervisory Spotlight looks both inward and outward in discussing change. First, it provides background on the recent merger of Banking Supervision and Regulation and Credit Risk Management to form a new Division: Financial Institution Supervision and Credit, or FISC. Then, the lens focuses outward to consider topics such as post-crisis changes in approaches to supervision and regulation, the potential for positive changes in community bank net interest margins, the evolving virtual currency landscape and what it means for banks, and one facet of the CFPB’s rules affecting mortgage lending.

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Asia Focus

This newsletter provides context and insight into current economic and financial sector developments in the Asia-Pacific region.

Balancing the State and the Market: Banking Reform in China and Vietnam

This Asia Focus examines similarities in the process of banking reform in China and Vietnam, analyzes how both countries have dealt with financial crises, and draws lessons from their shared experiences that may be useful for other countries undertaking financial reforms.

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Banks at a Glance – Bank Profiles by State

These quarterly reports highlight key indicators of banking conditions within each of the nine states comprising the 12th Federal Reserve District.

First Glance 12L

These quarterly reports highlight key indicators of 12th District banking conditions.

Third Quarter 2015: Banking Conditions Strengthened Despite Slowdown Abroad

The 3Q15 issue of First Glance 12L reveals continued healthy levels of bank loan growth within the 12th District, paralleling the improving economy, and ongoing improvements to bank earnings and credit quality.

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Real Estate Lending Risks Monitor

This periodic report examines western real estate market conditions, bank lending concentrations, and loan quality indicators.

CRE Market Conditions in the West: Steady but not Spectacular

This RE Lending Risks Monitor discusses key trends in commercial real estate markets and related lending issues, geared towards lenders within the 12th Federal Reserve District (nine western states).

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Federal Reserve System Publications

Community Banking Connections
A Federal Reserve System website and publication providing additional insight on recent supervisory and regulatory developments related to community banking.

A Federal Reserve System resource that discusses supervisory expectations in selected areas in the context of a typical community bank business model.

Consumer Compliance Outlook
A Federal Reserve System publication dedicated to providing information and analysis of current consumer compliance issues.

The Federal Reserve System: Purposes and Functions
A Federal Reserve System publication that provides additional information on the Federal Reserve's history, responsibilities, and activities.

FRBSF Publications

Community Investments Magazine
This periodic publication focuses on current community development issues.
District Circular Letters
The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco uses circular letters to communicate new policies and announcements to institutions in the Twelfth Federal Reserve District.

Educational Resources and Publications
A list of resources and publications for teachers and students.

ETC: Economic Trends and Conditions
A periodic overview of national and regional economic issues of relevance to financial institutions. This publication was discontinued as of September 2012, but see archived issues here. Visit the Reserve Bank's Economic Research Publications page for current economic data, analysis, and commentary.