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Cash Trends

Can you separate cash facts from common myths? See how much you really know about cash with this seven-question quiz.

Demand for U.S. currency continues to grow with eighty-nine percent of American consumers holding cash to some extent. How much currency is out there and what factors could influence its demand? The latest infographic by the Cash Product Office explains the concept of currency in circulation.

The way consumers shop today is much different than 10 years ago, largely due to the proliferation of new technologies like smartphones and tablets. Today’s new methods of shopping often blur the line between in-person and online purchases and influence how consumers choose to pay for their purchases.

Fed Notes

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Video: Cash Connect

Who Holds Cash?

Today’s consumers have more choices than ever in how to pay. In our first Cash Connect video - Who Holds Cash? - Federal Reserve Cash Product Office Policy Analyst Claire Wang asks San Francisco residents about their cash holding and spending habits. See how you compare to these testimonials.

Cash Facts

Cash Facts About Today's Currency

Explore the design features and security measures in $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes that help ensure the integrity of the cash you use.

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