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We are proud of the work we do here at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and we invite you to learn about the Bank.

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We offer broad and unique career opportunities, doing everything from Bank Examination to Law Enforcement.


The thought of economic and monetary policies may lead you to think of the Federal Reserve as solely a banking organization. Quite the contrary. As you can see, our Departments include a broad range of disciplines.

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A career here will put you at the center of the financial world. You will help keep the Banking system robust and secure and represent the United States in the monetary arena. In support of these responsibilities, we are constantly seeking and hiring talented individuals to join us for our career programs.


The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco believes its most valuable asset is its workforce. We make a significant investment in our employees so they can stay healthy, save for long term financial goals and manage life/work demands.

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The Fed respects diversity and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

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Learn more about the Fed, the application and interview process, and how candidates are selected.