At the SF Fed, we are passionate about recognizing and developing emerging talent. Our internship and fellowship opportunities at the SF Fed give college and graduate students a chance
to experience work life in a vibrant, dynamic, and collaborative environment. Our program participants and interns are put in situations where they will grow technically, professionally, and personally, working closely with managers and team members as they share in our great mission. We believe in providing enriching experiences that allow individuals to contribute to work problems and projects that are critical to their team’s and the Bank’s success.

Early Career Opportunities

If you’re a recent college graduate or early in your career looking to gain experience at the Fed, apply to our Summer Internship Program.

Unlock your potential.

Research Associate Program

Opportunities Designed for College Graduates in Economic Research


Thomas J. Sargent Dissertation Fellowship

We offer graduate students the opportunity to interact with research economists and visiting faculty, make progress on their dissertation research, and receive mentorship from senior economists.


At first, my managers wanted me to familiarize myself with 
the technologies they use. 
So, I worked with various scripting languages. Then I 
tried to understand how our organization creates pathways for our applications to communicate with each other. Learning those concepts took 
a long time and was challenging, but it taught me that I can be thrown into something unknown.

Faith Blue

Summer Intern


My experience at the Federal Reserve has been so, so positive. I think the internship program as a whole does a really good job of making sure that people are engaged, that they do have opportunities to network with not only other interns but also with people who work at the Fed.

Areeba Yasin

Summer Intern


I had a great summer at the San Francisco Fed in 2016! I met new people, made new friends, and started new research projects. It’s an amazing place with dozens of economists eager to hear about your research and discuss their own.

Neil White

UT Austin, 2016 Dissertation Fellow

Research Associates

I had the opportunity to see how the theories I studied were being applied to address policy-relevant issues.

Leila Bengali

Regional Policy Economist