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Today in America, there are more than six million people who would like to find a full-time job, but thus far have been relegated to working part-time instead. And research tells us that the poverty rate for folks who work part-time while aspiring to work full-time is just about the same as the poverty rate for folks who have no job at all. Here are six things we learned about this issue by talking with communities across the Western states.

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The Small Business Credit Survey is a national collaboration of the 12 Reserve Banks of the Federal Reserve System that provides intelligence on small business financial needs, decisions, and outcomes to policymakers, researchers, and service providers.

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The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is committed to facilitating the availability of financial services and capital, consistent with safe and sound practices, by banks through training, roundtable convenings, and collaboration with community investment partners.

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Our team has broad expertise, including community development finance, small business development, data analysis, neighborhood revitalization, and Community Reinvestment Act application.



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