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Cross-Sector Collaborative Group

Cross-Sector Collaboration: Building Trust Takes Time

Bringing together various disciplines to address challenges facing struggling communities is a powerful way to effect change. But fostering cross-sector collaboration requires building trust, which takes time.

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Economic Letter

The Evolution of the FOMC’s Explicit Inflation Target

Posted April 15, 2019

Analyzing FOMC transcripts provides insights about how inflation target preferences of participants have evolved. From around 2000 until the Great Recession, there was general consensus that a target should be about 1½%, significantly below average inflation and longer-run expectations. By 2009, however, the consensus had shifted up to 2%, which became the official target in January 2012.

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From the President

The Bumpy Road to 2 Percent: Managing Inflation in the Current Economy

March 26, 2019

Remarks to The Commonwealth Club
San Francisco, California


Economic Outlook

April 16, 2019

Sylvain Leduc, executive vice president and director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, stated his views on the current economy and the outlook as of April 11, 2019.

From the Board

Beige Book

April 17, 2019

Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District

Never satisfied with the status quo, workplace services manager Roy Sanson-Mosier continually looks for new solutions to productivity challenges. At the same time, he's genuinely committed to bringing out the professional best in everyone he manages and mentors.

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