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5 Tips for Successful Remote Work

Thinking of joining the remote workforce? The right technology and life-work balance can make all the difference.

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Economic Letter

Involuntary Part-Time Work a Decade after the Recession

Posted November 25, 2019

Involuntary part-time employment reached unusually high levels during the last recession and declined only slowly afterward. It recently returned to its pre-recession level but remains slightly elevated relative to historically low unemployment, likely due to structural factors.

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Net-Net: Opportunity

November 16, 2019

Slides presented at the 2019 Clausen Center Conference on Global Economic Issues
Berkeley, California


Economic Outlook

Adam Shapiro, research advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, stated his views on the current economy and the outlook as of November 14, 2019.

From the Board

Beige Book

November 27, 2019

Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District

Any time you're working on a team, you need to share your knowledge. It's a way to build collaboration and invest in those around you," says Project Consultant Courtney Obi.

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