Economic Letter

Pandemic Unemployment Effects across Demographic Groups

Workers in service industries and occupations with a lot of close social contact suffered the highest job losses during the pandemic recession. This differed from previous downturns, which tended to have their most severe effects on industries with high concentrations of manual labor. As a result, the unemployment impact on different demographic groups has not followed historical patterns.

Why Climate Risk Matters to Us

Promoting a healthy, stable economy requires us to consider current and future risks. Climate change is one of those risks. We need to study and understand how a changing climate may affect the safety and soundness of our economy. In turn, we're assessing how to incorporate these findings into our core functions and mandates, focusing on research, supervision, community, and operations.

Career Opportunities

The San Francisco Fed is dedicated to building an economy that works for everyone. We thrive on reflecting the people we serve by hiring talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and creating a culture of inclusion where people are respected for what they do and for who they are.