Alaska is the largest state within the Twelfth District, which itself is the largest District within the Federal Reserve System. When Alaska was admitted to statehood on January 3, 1959, it was simultaneously included in the Twelfth District and added to the territory of the SF Fed’s Seattle branch. In including Alaska, the Seattle branch region became the largest of any branch in the System.



Christina Prkic

Christina Prkic
Regional Executive


Jenny Glass

Jenny Glass
Outreach Manager

Government & Civic Relations Contacts

These are THE government and civic relations CONTACTS IN THE STATE OF alaska

Nicole Frisch

Vice President, Government & Civic Relations

Jessica Lum

Program Manager, Government & Civic Relations

Local Leadership

These are representatives of Alaska who serve on these Twelfth District Board and Councils

Gabriel (Gabe) Kompkoff

Gabriel (Gabe) Kompkoff (2026) 

Seattle Branch Board of Directors
President and
Chief Financial Officer
Grant Aviation
Anchorage, Alaska 

Colleen Dushkin

Colleen Dushkin (2024)

Community Advisory Council
Executive Director 
Association of Alaska Housing Authorities 
Anchorage, Alaska 

Patty Mongold

Patty Mongold (2024)

Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council
President and 
Chief Executive Officer 
Mt. McKinley Bank 
Fairbanks, Alaska

Patrick Duke

Patrick Duke (2025)

Economic Advisory Council
Senior Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer
Doyon Limited
Anchorage, Alaska

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