We produce a wide range of publications that share the latest data, analysis, and insights from various teams at the SF Fed. Our publications help inform and strengthen public understanding of economic issues and its impact on people and communities.

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Economic Research Publications

FRBSF Economic Letter >

Economic analysis for general audiences

  • Price Stability Built to Last

    The economy is healthy and price stability is within sight. But progress is not victory, and considerable uncertainty and risks remain. To finish the job will take fortitude and patience, along with the agility to respond as the economy evolves. The following is adapted from the keynote address by the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco at the 40th Annual NABE Economic Policy Conference in Washington, DC, on February 16.

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FedViews >

Analysis of current economic developments and the outlook

  • FedViews: January 18, 2024

    Michael Bauer, senior research advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, stated his views on the current economy and the outlook as of January 18, 2024.

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Working Papers >

The latest in economic research

  • A Post-Pandemic New Normal for Interest Rates in Emerging Bond Markets? Evidence from Chile

    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers intensely debated the extent of the decline in the steady-state short-term real interest rate—the so-called equilibrium or natural rate of interest. Given the recent sharp increase in interest rates, we revisit this question in an emerging bond market context and offer a Chilean perspective using a dynamic term structure finance model estimated directly on the prices of individual Chilean inflation indexed bonds with adjustments for bond-specific liquidity risk and real term premia. We estimate that the equilibrium real rate in Chile fell about 2 and a half percentage points in the 2003-2022 period and has remained low since then.

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Community Development Publications

Community Development Innovation Review >

The Community Development Innovation Review focuses on bridging the gap between theory and practice, from as many viewpoints as possible. The goal of this journal is to promote cross-sector dialogue around a range of emerging issues and related investments that advance economic resilience and mobility for low- and moderate-income communities.

  • Fintech, Racial Equity, and an Inclusive Financial System

    Fintech, Racial Equity, and an Inclusive Financial System

    This issue of the Community Development Innovation Review examines the promise and pitfalls of financial technology, or fintech, for fostering racial equity and greater financial inclusion. Edited in partnership with the SF Fed’s Fintech team and Aspen Institute’s Financial Security Program, this issue brings together a broad set of voices from people working in various roles—including in technology, community development, economic inclusion, regulation, and investment—to contextualize gaps in the financial system and consider ways to address them.

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Community Development Research Briefs >

Research Briefs feature data and commentary on community development trends and issues.

Community Development Working Papers >

Working papers provide in-depth analysis of emerging community development issues from practitioners and scholars.

  • Housing Market Interventions and Residential Mobility in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Housing Market Interventions and Residential Mobility in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Limited evaluation research exists on which housing solutions are most effective in stabilizing communities so that those who wish to stay are able to do so in the midst of an influx of newcomers. This study seeks to fill this gap by assessing patterns of individual and household mobility related to specific housing interventions in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. Specifically, this study examines impacts of market-rate and subsidized development, and tenant protections, including rent stabilization and just cause for evictions protections.

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Banking Publications

First Glance 12L >

These quarterly reports highlight key indicators of 12th District banking conditions.

Supervision in Brief >

This publication offers observations by the Head of Supervision of Financial Institution Supervision and Credit (FISC) on current banking and regulatory issues facing 12th District institutions.

Archived Publications

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District Circular Letters >

Fintech Edge >

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