The Twelfth District is the largest and most diverse District in the Federal Reserve System. Representing nine western states, plus American Samoa, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, we hold the distinction of having the most member states of any Federal Reserve district and being the only district that covers both territories and a commonwealth.

A diverse array of industries including agriculture, construction, and entertainment contribute to the Twelfth District’s rich, vibrant economy. Home to Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, the Silicon Forest, the Silicon Slopes, and other high-tech clusters, the District is also at the forefront of innovation and invention.

Our job at the San Francisco Fed is to promote a strong and stable economy for this region and its residents.

Key Industries

These are the leading industries that power the Twelfth District’s economy by percentage of employment.  

Trade, Transportation & Utilities

Education & Health Services

Professional & Business Services

Leisure & Hospitality


*Twelth District and U.S. shares of payroll employment by NAICS industry group

“At the San Francisco Fed, we represent the system’s largest and most diverse District. It’s our job to make sure the economy works for everyone we serve. That’s why we’ve committed to putting people at the heart of our work and to becoming America’s premier public service organization.”

Mary C. Daly

President and CEO
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Nine States,
One District.

Learn more about the states that make up the diverse and dynamic Twelfth District.

The largest state in the Twelfth District, Alaska joined both the U.S. and the Federal Reserve System in 1959.

Arizona boasts one of the largest manufacturing export sectors in the Twelfth District, with its largest employers spanning the trade, transportation, and utilities industries.

The most populous state in the Twelfth District and the one with the largest GDP, California is home to both the SF Fed’s headquarters in San Francisco and its Los Angeles branch office.

Hawai’i is the only archipelago in both the Twelfth District and the country. The state’s coastlines and other natural wonders draw millions of visitors to the state every year, helping to make leisure and hospitality one of the state’s strongest industries.

Over the last five years, Idaho has been one of the fastest growing states in both the Twelfth District and the country. Its economy is anchored by strong agriculture, construction, and manufacturing sectors.

While thanks to Las Vegas and Reno, the leisure, gaming, and hospitality industries lead the way, Nevada’s economy has become increasingly diverse as the retail, construction, healthcare, and mining sectors have shown strong growth.

Oregon is home to the SF Fed’s Portland branch office, with staff dedicated to regional, business, and community outreach, national incident response, application development, and customer service to financial institutions located in the area.

The SF Fed has had a presence in Utah since 1918 when the Salt Lake City branch office first opened. Today, the branch serves as a cash operations site for the region.

Washington hosts the SF Fed’s Seattle branch. Opened in 1917, the branch moved to Renton, Washington in 2008 to enlarge the branch’s cash processing capabilities. 

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco serves the U.S. Territories of Guam and American Samoa and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.  

The Twelfth District is home to one of the largest and most diverse Native and Indigenous populations in the Federal Reserve System. Of the country’s 574 federally recognized tribes, 80% (431) are located in the District. 

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