Bank Holding Company Applications

A bank holding company (BHC), including a financial holding company (FHC), must file applications for prior Federal Reserve approval under certain circumstances, such as merging with another BHC or savings and loan holding company, acquiring a bank or savings & loan as a subsidiary, engaging in certain nonbanking activities, or redeeming stock.

Bank Holding Company Applications Information
Forms, instructions, processing timeframes, and publications requirements for various BHC applications.  

Change in Control Information
A change in BHC ownership may also require a filing.  Individuals or groups acting in concert that wish to acquire ownership of a BHC should contact this Reserve Bank in advance to determine whether a filing would be required. 

Newspaper Publication Requirements
Sample language and instructions for newspaper publications for various BHC applications.

Common Questions and Answers on Regulation Y
Common questions and answers related to applications provisions in Regulation Y, Bank Holding Companies and Change in Bank Control.

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